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Beverage Distribution

With such a complex supply chain, beverage distribution managers must maximize efficiency at every step in the distribution process. Inaccuracies in this process lead to overages or shortages in inventory, which is one of the largest challenges for the industry.

Beverage Distribution with TouchStar

In order to maintain high efficiency levels and accuracy, manual scheduling, route building, and invoicing processes are no longer sufficient. TouchStar’s integrated beverage distribution fleet tracking, route planning, and electronic ticketing and invoicing applications will provide you with a solution to complete daily routes efficiently and transfer data collected from the field to your back office and ERP systems.

  • Create optimized routes to reduce miles driven and fuel consumption.
  • Monitor on-board inventory levels in real time.
  • Track location and status of every truck in your fleet.
  • Eliminate paper field processes and gain real time access to data.
  • Enable in-cab navigation and driver behavior coaching.
Trinks now has the ability to view the current location and status on any vehicle in their fleet via the web based TS FleetWatch application. The data gained from the fleet tracking solution has allowed the Trinks dispatchers to improve planning and create more efficient delivery routes, resulting in decreased travel time, mileage, and overall operating costs.
Case Study
Trinks Case Study
Germany’s largest beverage distributor improves vehicle data collection with telematics solution
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