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Historic Austrian city implements telematics to improve route tracking

The seventh largest city in Austria, Villach has a population of approximately 60,000 people and represents an important trade route for the region as it sits near the borders of both Italy and Slovenia.


During winter months when roads are slick from snowfall and icy conditions, the city’s truck fleet is tasked with clearing roads for safe travel. If accidents occur due to unsafe roads, the city is at risk of a lawsuit if they cannot prove that the road had been properly cleared.

As accidents are fairly common with such road conditions, even when roads have been cleared, the city needed a way to show that the work had been completed properly and in a timely manner.


  • Enable vehicle and route tracking
  • Optimize existing routes
  • Historical log of routes travelled

Solution Implemented

Villach chose to employ a solution including iTRACK and TS FleetWatch to track and manage their entire fleet. The iTRACK GPS fleet tracking solution provides them with data on the current location and status of all vehicles, while the cloud-based fleet management application, TS FleetWatch, displays routes travelled by each vehicle in near real-time.

Additionally, TS FleetWatch creates a searchable, historical log of all routes travelled with details including speed, distance travelled, and stops made.


With the solution in place, the city now has a means to track its fleet activity at the vehicle level. This gives management the ability to see exact routes taken both historically and in near real-time – protecting the city from possible litigation. On average, the city can protect itself from two lawsuits every winter season by presenting data that roads were properly cleared.

Outside of winter months, the city has experienced drastic improvements in dispatch capabilities and overall fleet efficiency. The ability to dispatch the closest vehicle to a specific job has reduced fuel usage and miles driven significantly, ultimately decreasing fuel costs.

Villach city utility fleet implements TS Group technology to track vehicle routes and improve dispatching.

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