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Germany’s largest beverage distributor improves vehicle data collection with telematics solution

Trinks’ history dates back to 1735 when the company, JF Heyl, resided in Berlin as a healing water wholesale outlet. Now, more than 275 years later, Trinks is the largest beverage distributor in Germany delivering beer, soft drinks, and juices to more than 6,500 organizations across the country. With the most modern fleet and warehouse equipment, Trinks employees pride themselves on providing the highest level of service to their customers. The company’s focus is to strengthen the trust of their customers while continuing to expand on previous successes.


Trinks developed a tracking software solution internally that has served them well, providing the ability to analyze actual routes driven against planned routes. As the company has grown, however, the solution has not been able to keep up and meet their ever-growing needs, and the only supported hardware is becoming dated.

As part of Trinks’ growth strategy they have acquired multiple beverage distributors, many of which used various telematics solutions that do not integrate with the Trinks system. These multiple, disparate systems became too difficult to manage leading Trinks to search for a modern and flexible solution to replace their aging software.


  • A single unified solution for the entire organization
  • Capture consolidated data without driver input
  • Enable real time communication with each driver for faster response
  • In-cab navigation to allow for efficient routing with quick rerouting capabilities
  • Potential to include integrated workforce automation in future

Solution Implemented

After nearly a full year of testing the fleet tracking and data capture functionality, Trinks chose the intelTRACK fleet tracking solution to install in their fleet. In addition to tracking the current location and status of their vehicles, the system provides information on total kilometers driven, trip time, and time spent at a customer site.

Integrated with the cloud based dispatching application, TS FleetWatch, orders can now be entered into the system from any computer via the web browser and automatically added to the route in real time. This seamless transfer of data gives drivers an up to date delivery schedule and route details delivered directly to their vehicle.


Trinks now has the ability to view the current location and status on any vehicle in their fleet via the web based TS FleetWatch application. The data gained from the fleet tracking solution has allowed the Trinks dispatchers to improve planning and create more efficient delivery routes, resulting in decreased travel time, mileage, and overall operating costs.

Should drivers experience delays in delivery time due to traffic, road closure, or vehicle issues; the dispatch team can quickly assess the situation and either redirect to another route or assign the delivery to a different driver in close proximity to the customer. The web based fleet management application allows anywhere access to the platform and current data so that potential issues or delays can be dealt with promptly.

intelTRACK sets the foundation for Trinks to expand into additional automation and mobility solutions in the future – providing the ability to further improve efficiencies by eliminating paper processes and adding enhanced route planning and optimization solutions.

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Learn how Trinks improves vehicle data collection with telematics solution

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