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Tip Top Bakeries

Australia’s largest bakery reduces costs by eliminating paper processes

Tip Top Bakeries, a subsidiary of George Weston Foods, started after World War II with the amalgamation of several small bakeries in NSW and Victoria. Today, Tip Top has grown to be the most recognizable food brand in Australia, producing more than one million products a day and employing over 600 independent contractors to deliver and merchandise bread to more than 18,000 locations daily.


In serving such a large client base, with more than 18,000 deliveries each day, the heavily paper-oriented order and delivery system that Tip Top was using was very tedious and time consuming. This didn’t allow for an efficient system with the ability to increase the overall productivity of drivers or the back office team.

Each driver was equipped with a printer in their truck in order to print the customer an invoice at the completion of each delivery. With more than 800 printers in use every day, there was a high amount of paper usage and maintenance involved.


  • Introduce paper-less processes
  • Automate scheduling and delivery processes
  • Reduce overall delivery costs
  • Improve customer service

Solution Implemented

Tip Top chose TouchStar to automate the paper-oriented system and completed a company-wide rollout across Australia and New Zealand of our TransPac DSD consumer goods distribution software – eliminating paper processes and automatically routing documentation to the back office team. TS HyperDocs allows those documents to be automatically emailed directly to the customer at the completion of delivery, enabling Tip Top to retire their 800 in-cab printers.

The mobile devices implemented into the delivery trucks automate the reconciliation of the day’s deliveries for the drivers, creating drastic time savings at the beginning and end of each day.


The move to a paperless environment and the elimination of paper and onsite printing, and storage costs associated with delivery documentation, have resulted in a dramatic reduction in overall costs. “TouchStar has transformed our previous paper-driven systems,” said George Saidi, Group Manager – Commercial and Supplier Management for George Weston Foods, parent company to Tip Top. “We have achieved substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity, and streamlined the allocation of resources whilst reducing waste.”

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