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Case Study

Mighty Flame Propane

Regional propane distributor introduces automated data communication from field to back office

Mighty Flame Propane
Mighty Flame propane cylinders

With indisputable proof of cylinder deliveries, both Mighty Flame and its customers can access transaction documents if questions arise.

Mighty Flame Propane Company Profile
Founded: 1937
Headquarters: Clyde, NY
Primary Industry: Propane Cylinder Distribution

Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange, a subsidiary of DiSanto Propane, is headquartered in Clyde, NY and has been serving the Northeast, Middle Atlantic and Midwestern regions of the U.S. with the highest quality propane service since 1937. Mighty Flame has become a leading supplier of cylinder propane systems since 1986.

As a private, family-owned business, Mighty Flame has a long history of community support and participation, as well as an ongoing corporate commitment to providing a reliable, portable, energy-efficient fuel source for thousands of area residents, contractors, and businesses. The company brings a 25+ year heritage of consistent product and safety standards seamlessly forward with the Mighty Flame brand of propane cylinder exchange.


With a significant growth in the number of propane cylinder exchange retail customers and outdoor living clients, management at Mighty Flame recognized the need for a technology-based solution that would provide tighter control over the dispatching of their expanded fleet of delivery vehicles. Another major challenge was the consolidation of their invoices resulting from multi-state distribution, into a common back-office system.

The previous reliance on paper-based field processes was no longer efficient and was not producing the results required by a forward-looking management team. With that in mind, the Mighty Flame management team began searching for a propane delivery automation solution that would enhance the overall operational efficiency of the company.


  • Eliminate paper-based, manual data entry
  • Gain critical visibility of when drivers start and end their shifts each day
  • Tighter controls over dispatching
  • Convert to electronic invoicing
  • Obtain a signature capture at the time of each delivery

Solution Implemented

The TransPac LPG propane delivery software solution implemented provides the dispatching team with more effective controls over the process. With mobile devices and printers installed on a portable sled, for easy transfer from one vehicle to another, drivers are able to print delivery tickets onsite to leave with customers. Electronic signature capture allows for proof of delivery and pickup for each propane cylinder, including all of the critical transaction details.

The delivery solution also allows for the automation of back-office processes where TS HyperDocs provides immediate electronic copies of delivery tickets and invoices, with electronic signature included, that can be searched and reproduced.


The implementation of TransPac LPG has eliminated time consuming paper-based procedures, greatly improving the speed of deliveries as well as enhancing transactional accuracy. Electronic signature captures have provided benefits for both Mighty Flame and their customers. With indisputable proof of cylinder deliveries, both parties can access transaction documents if questions arise.

Perhaps most importantly, the system has provided tighter controls over the dispatching of vehicles and has greatly improved the efficiency of the Mighty Flame fleet. The improvements in dispatching efficiencies and the reduction in paper usage alone have already provided an excellent return on the investment for this solution. “Our investment in a TouchStar fleet automation solution has definitely paid off, and has enhanced our bottom-line results,” said Jonah DiSanto, President of Mighty Flame (parent company DiSanto Propane).

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