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Case Study


Global trading company increases delivery efficiency across multiple business sectors.

BayWa Company Profile
Founded: 1923
Headquarters: Bayern, Germany
Primary Industries: Agriculture, Building Materials, Energy

Founded in 1923 and serving the Bayern, Germany region, BayWa is composed of three core business segments – Agriculture, Building Materials, and Energy; providing trading, logistics, and supplementary services in each. As a globally active company, BayWa is committed to its customers in rural areas – on a regional, national and international level – with a focus on creating value by trading in products and offering trading-related services to customers.


Working within multiple industries, the large amount of paper tickets and invoices generated on a daily basis was quickly becoming unmanageable. Teams were needed to handle paperwork – verifying and entering data into SAP and back office systems as tickets were turned in by drivers. BayWa management was in search of a solution to simplify fleet management and remove paper processes from their field workforce. The solution had to work across all of their business units.


BayWa Truck

BayWa uses TouchStar solutions in almost 400 of its vehicles.

  • A single unified solution for the entire organization with a process-oriented workflow
  • Integration with SAP and additional back office systems
  • Enable real time communication with each driver
  • Simplify fleet management and dispatch processes

Solution Implemented

BayWa chose to implement an integrated set of solutions to automate their fleet tracking and management, dispatch, and field service and delivery processes.

For their Agriculture and Building Material groups, which utilize 168 trucks, a solution was installed to provide detailed vehicle tracking through intelTRACK. Integrated dispatch through their existing SAP system enables daily delivery schedules and routes to be sent to an in-cab touchscreen device; providing navigation directions to the driver. Additionally, the system combines driver behavior management tracking with an in-cab coach to give verbal alerts on speeding, excessive idling, and more directly to the driver.

Within the Energy group, a group that utilizes 210 trucks, the same system was installed with the addition of TransPac – an onboard mobility solution designed to automate the entire delivery process. TransPac’s workflow tracks fuel and lubricant delivery details, automatically calculates delivery amounts, and generates an electronic ticket and invoice, resulting in the elimination of paper processes from the field workforce.


Since implementing these solutions in fleets across Austria and Southern Germany, BayWa has experienced an increase in the number of deliveries their drivers can complete. “Integration between dispatch and field applications has drastically improved the efficiency of our drivers,” said Stefan Tahedl, Team Leader – Logistics and Fuels. “The ability to send a delivery schedule with a pre-determined route directly to the driver is great. We are now completing 15% more deliveries on a daily basis.”

Additionally, by eliminating paper processes, data is received from the field in near real time and automatically transferred to the back office. With these systems integrated directly with SAP, manual data entry is no longer needed and BayWa can leverage this data quickly across its various business groups. “Capturing data in the handheld and then communicating it directly to our back office systems, instead of managing paper tickets, has not only reduced our operating costs but has given us more accurate data to work with in a much faster timeframe,” added Tahedl.

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